3. Meet the Focker – the MRI scan

Those who know me know that I have a strange habit of naming things – my Apple products are generally Bond characters (Vesper, Solitaire, Mallory…) my cars have all had names (Fifi, Jimi, Xenia, Toni, Bruno, Max…) and even my Dutch bike is called Berta.

So keeping with form, I think we should give the lesion in my crazy head a name.

One suggestion has already been ‘Billy’ (as in, Billy-no-mates) but I have a mate called Billy who’s a Fijian legend, so not sure how he’d feel about that!

Similarly, ‘Norman-no-mates’ was also muted, but my grandmother’s maiden name was Norman, and my cousin married a Norman, so again, not one I’m keen to associate with this.

So I’m open to suggestions peeps… needs to be something catchy but derogatory, fun but sarcastic, and male (sorry chaps, but in my head it’s a boy, no idea why, just is!)

To offer a little inspiration, here’s he is…



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