1. It’s back…

So, here’s the thing. It’s back.

Two years ago, I had breast cancer. I was diagnosed at 39, had five months of intensive chemo, lumpectomy surgery, six lymph nodes removed, and 21 doses of radiation. It was a tough ten months, but from the start I had the belief that we’d beat it, and I went into the fight with the mindset that I was stronger and we would win. I kept a blog throughout the journey (www.boxysboobjob.com) and shared the journey with everyone, to keep them updated and give me a release where I could write about how I was feeling along the way.

This time, I’ve been pondering over it for three weeks now; looking for my angle (in true Comms pro fashion!), trying to find my key talking points, write my narrative, and pitch this right, so I can give myself and everyone else the hope, strength and positivity I need to fight this with the force we did two years ago. But the truth is, it’s been a more complicated scenario, with more unanswered questions, and I’ve had a tougher journey so far in trying to accept that it’s happening again, so soon, and with less clarity than I had before.

But I still want to share the journey, tell the story, and if I can maintain the same strength and positivity that got me through this before, it’ll help get me through it again. And we’ll show this nasty f****r we are STILL stronger, we won’t be beaten, we’ll fight back long enough to find a cure, and we’ll be back to living the balls out of life before you know it.

In the meantime, it’s gonna be another tough journey, not one I’m looking forward to, but one I promise to try and fight again, with every ounce of strength I have in me.

Two years ago I got this strength from you – family, friends, and complete strangers who all supported me and helped keep me strong when I felt weak. I tried to be honest, about the good and the bad, and I’ll do that again – I’m far from shy, tend not to hold back, and believe in telling it like it is! So if there’s stuff you want to know, ask! If there’s stuff you don’t want to see/hear, don’t look! And when it’s all over again, we’ll celebrate in the only way I know how – by grabbing life by the balls and living every second TO THE MAX!

#BoxyOut xx

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  1. One thing is certain you always packed a punch when playing hockey so I’m sure you are already packing those positive thoughts into another enormous punch. Go girl.

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