71. Still here…

Why do I always seem to start my posts with “it’s been a while since my last update…’? For someone who loves writing, and given how much my life has changed in the two months since my last post, you’d think I’d have been taping way like mad, right? So how come the blog’s been... Continue Reading →

70. The next chapter

So, I’m conscious my last post was pretty heavy. And I’ve not updated since then. But I wanted to wait until the zaps were finished and we had a better idea of what happens next before posting again. So here’s the update. I saw the lovely Max again today (no mum, I can't bring him... Continue Reading →

68. What’s going on?

So I promised to update again after the scan, and also said I know these things tend to escalate quickly. And lots has happened this week, and much is still uncertain. So I’ll give a quick update as promised, but can’t guarantee much detail I’m afraid! Monday – the MRI scan I was due a... Continue Reading →

67. Headaches and happy days

I’ve been reluctant to moan for a while; everyone’s struggling with their own shit at the moment, so reading mine will hardly help, will it? But I also felt it’s time I did an update, as the blog’s not just about helping other people, it also helps me, both in releasing any frustration as well... Continue Reading →

66. Mutley, meet Max

In the midst of a global pandemic, this week gave me a feeling of optimism - I met Max. Or more importantly, we got the opportunity for Mutley to meet Max. As usual, a quick recap. After beating breast cancer in 2017, it returned in 2018. Still as breast cancer, the nasty cells had escaped... Continue Reading →

64. Welcome to my world

I’ve wanted to write about this for a while now, but have been a bit busy and maxed out on screen time (more on that later). But it’s about time I prioritised it. First-up; heaps of you have been pinging me to see if I’m ok in light of that beer thing… AN: I’m known... Continue Reading →

63. Hippy Friday y’all

The more I think about it, the more I think my hip problems in January were a running injury, because in the weeks since I stopped running, my hip has felt better - less pain and more flexibility. That said, there’s often stuff you can’t see and you don’t feel, until it starts to get... Continue Reading →

62. Queuing to talk to Jesus

For once, this post has absolutely nothing to do with cancer 🙂 I figured the bucket needed a little lightening, so this one's just a typical night flying by the seat of my pants... --- So after another lovely weekend in Oxfordshire, on Monday night I was booked onto the 19:05 out of Heathrow to fly... Continue Reading →

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