63. Hippy Friday y’all

The more I think about it, the more I think my hip problems in January were a running injury, because in the weeks since I stopped running, my hip has felt better - less pain and more flexibility. That said, there’s often stuff you can’t see and you don’t feel, until it starts to get... Continue Reading →

62. Queuing to talk to Jesus

For once, this post has absolutely nothing to do with cancer 🙂 I figured the bucket needed a little lightening, so this one's just a typical night flying by the seat of my pants... --- So after another lovely weekend in Oxfordshire, on Monday night I was booked onto the 19:05 out of Heathrow to fly... Continue Reading →

61. The Untold

In the past few months, the blog’s been pretty quiet. As a Comms pro, there’s always a spin you can put on things to pitch them how you want, and it’d be easy for me to do that here. But the simple truth is that heaps has been going on in the background, and I’ve... Continue Reading →

60. Coping mechanisms

People often ask me, given everything that’s going on, how on earth I cope… how do I stay calm… how do I stay positive… and how come I’m not falling apart? To me, this is just normal. I believe that every one of us has strength, super strength, both physically and emotionally. We just don’t... Continue Reading →

59. Anyone for cheesecake?

In previous blog posts, I’ve commended the Dutchies on their healthcare system; my first visit (including ultrasound, mammogram, biopsy and diagnosis), was all done in just 90 minutes… all appointments, reminders, notes, reports and results available online… entertaining staff, always with a smile and amusing footwear... and even a trolley-dolly wheeling round free tea, coffee... Continue Reading →

58. Looking back and looking forward

I’ve spent much of this week reflecting, and given how far I’ve come, you’d think I’d be happy, right? But it’s actually made me feel a little deflated. So I’m wondering, why? On Monday evening (26th). I sat on my balcony contemplating; the same time last year was my last night at home before I’d... Continue Reading →

56. Back yourself, Boxy

It feels like ages since I updated the blog… and so much has happened. But every step has felt so little in terms of medical progress, it hasn’t felt worthy of an update. There’s also been a little cave visit in the midst of it, which has left me a bit reluctant to post an... Continue Reading →

55. Decisions decisions…

I haven’t posted on here for a while but, for once, it’s not because I’ve been in my cave. On the contrary, it’s because I’ve been out there living life to the full, and it was only today that I actually stopped to face reality and let myself cry about my current quandary. Walking down... Continue Reading →

54. Cleared for take off

During chemo, my immune system was rubbish. So I was advised to limit the risk of infection (I became hand sanitizer queen) and avoid places which are known to be incubators for infection (swimming, flying, getting too close to ill people etc). As a result, I haven’t flown since July which, for me, is like... Continue Reading →

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