74. Over the finishing line…

So, if this post has appeared, I’m now raising a glass at the pearly bar with my brother. 

First-up; please don’t put any sad or crying faces below this post. I’m in no pain now, the uncertainty around my future has gone, and I’m finally catching up on lost years with my bro 😀 I’m happy, so please don’t be sad for me, just re-channel that emotion into doing something amazing – that’s what I did after we lost Simon, and I lived the best life I could ever have dreamt of!

Secondly; please send regular random messages to my parents – look after them for me, and make sure they live THE BEST life they can!

And finally; if you’re all in lockdown and can’t use this as an excuse for a damn good send-off (read as: piss-up), be patient – the time will come. I’ve left instructions on what I want to happen, so as soon as things improve, you can expect a spot of musical theatre, boating action, plenty of orange and of course, a chequered flag!

Until then, I’ll be settling my brother’s pearly bar tab and won’t afford to buy anyone else a drink just yet! So stay home, stay safe, stay well, and to quote from Gladiator: “I’ll see you again, but not yet…” 😀

“I’ll see you again, but not yet…”


#BoxyOut xx

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  1. You are a true inspiration. I will raise a glass – to you and your incredible life – this evening.

    Sending much love to your Mum and Dad.

    Andrea Davis xxx


  2. Well Rebecca, it’s been a pleasure, I’m going to raise my cup of tea in your honour. I hope you and your brother are causing a riot !!! XXX


  3. See you at the bar then Wonder Woman….one day….you still owe me a very large gin so you best start saving. Inspirational xx


  4. I feel honoured to have worked with you and met you as all through this you have been an exponent of living life to the full and enjoying the time you had.

    No doubt you left a massive impression to all you met amd the recent struggles have been a lesson to us all on how to deal with challenges and adversity.

    May you rest in peace and I look forward to a beer in the other side one day.

    Jonathan xx

    PS you had great parents and the relationship you had with them is reminder of what we all need to have amd find a way to reach

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  5. I will never drink a gin, or eat a Cadbury Creme Egg without secretly tipping you a wink. You were, and always will be glorious, my beautiful friend xxx


  6. Wonderful wonderful girl! Your blog posts were always read in this house with huge admiration for the fight you showed. My kids would listen eagerly, they learned so much about resilience and guts and we all learned that it’s not how long you’re here but what you do when you are here!
    I look to your wonderful Mum and Dad, they will always be in my prayers somewhere, I’ve never met them but to me they are like mini celebs!
    Enjoy your next journey!


  7. Cheers to an amazing person, so glad our paths crossed and I knew you. Keeps raising hell and loving/living life in your next chapter 🥂


  8. Gorgeous Girl….till the next time !
    From the first time we met in UP I knew we would be friends …. you showed how to embrace every challenge with extraordinary grace 😘…. huge hugs to you and your parents … you will be missed xxxx


  9. You, your brother, and your Dad were never anything but lovely to me all those years ago at school, and I assume everyone else around you. I’m lost for words. Have one for me. X


  10. Where to start. Your attitude and bravery were amazing. Must be the Yorkshire in you!😊😊 Enjoy your new home, have a G&T with your brother. Thoughts with your Mum and Dad. AJ


  11. A true pleasure to meet a good hearted sharp minded bright witty generous spirit as you Miss Bok. I will certainly raise a glass. Love to the Wallin Tribe. 🙂❤️


  12. You were truly an inspiration. We will always think of you and especially on F1 weekends.

    Enjoy your time with your brother.

    Carina and Terry.


  13. A beautiful woman, through and through. I’m honoured to have been one of your many friends. A total inspiration to us all. Sleep well lovely. 💕 xxxx


  14. Stand on that podium and crack open the bottle while we stand in awe and raise our glasses to an incredible woman…..a truly inspirational woman and her amazing parents.


  15. What a wonderful life, what an incredible woman and happy that our paths crossed! You have and will continue to inspire many! I will be raising a glass or many to you, Rebecca!


  16. Oh Rebecca ! So glad we met ! You gave me one of your birthday Lewis Hamilton cupcakes at OCW and lanyards from F1 races that you knew I would love ! You have left your mark on this world wonderful lady and I will NEVER watch a race and not think of you again ❤️ Did a shot for you last night and I’m sure you will be watching Lewis bring home the world championships from the pearly bar! Much love to your mum and dad ! Xxx


  17. Very few people live life with the intensity and positive attitude that you did Bok. You were truly an inspirational human being in so many ways.

    What ever life threw at you, you fought back.

    I will remember all the good memories of playing in bands with you and coming to watch you sing. Wonderful times.


  18. Rebecca, you were such an articulate, dignified and inspiring person, and to be that you had to have articulate, dignified and inspiring parents, which you did.. Of course we will look after ‘Di ‘n’ Dave’ and we will talk about you and Simon at every opportunity. Will always think of you whenever F1 is mentioned!! Enjoy your new adventures.


  19. You were so courageous, adventurous, vibrant and real. You’ve lived a life many will never in such a short space of time, and it was a pleasure to be part of your life in London and beyond. Keep cramming in the fun and adventures with your brother up there lady. They don’t know what fun they’re in for!!


  20. Enjoy those drinks with your brother Simon, I haven’t seen you in years Bok but I remember you were always the life and soul of any gathering and well loved! Sending my love and thoughts to your mum and dad xx
    Emma (daughter of Jean Robinson and sister to Mark)


  21. I will miss you lots Bok, you were alls the life of the party. We weren’t in contact enough during the last few years but I always remember you fondly. I will never like Lewis Hamilton like you, but a little more because of you and i’ll think of you when he wins his next championship. I know you’ll be watching. See you again one day. Love to you & Mama & Papa Bok too. Xx


  22. In the very short time I came to know you Bok your love of life shone through in so many ways. Your mischievous grin will be my abiding memory of a truly unique lady. Skol!!


  23. Make sure you get the party started Bok – look out for my Dad who went a month before you (also the reason why the promised road trip pics were truncated). He’ll be up for a road trip somewhere, or a glass of bubbles or 2! It was a pleasure and a privilege to call you a colleague and most importantly a friend. Love to your Mama and Dad too. xx


  24. People come into your life for a reason. You have been a true fighter and inspiration. Glad you will see your brother and watch down over your dear parents. Peace.


  25. Such a fighter and an inspiration and a pleasure to have been a small part of your adventure. I send all my best wishes to your mum and dad at this time. Xxx


  26. You were a perfect stranger when we met in Barbados. Becoming a dear Friend. Rest easy hun.
    You personify everything it means to be legend. Will miss you. x


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