44. The one about the bra

According to my beloved spreadsheet, today should be day 2 of chemo 5, my penultimate cycle. But after a chesty cough grabbed hold of me last week, I’m actually pleased to report that chemo 5 is delayed. It’s only a cough I know, right? And after so many years of teasing guys about the horrors... Continue Reading →

43. Timing is everything

The Birthday Let me take you back two years, to February 2017. My best mate (who happens to run one of London’s best Events Management companies) is busy planning a party of her own; her 40th birthday party. The Plain Jane team (that’s the Event Management company, btw) has booked a house in the country,... Continue Reading →

38. Driving home for Christmas

We Brits are known for many things; talking about the weather, drinking tea, producing an array of epic Christmas songs... When it comes to the latter, we often have favourites (the original Band Aid being the best, obviously), but we also have our nemeses. And for me, this is Chris Rea’s Driving Home for Christmas.... Continue Reading →

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