17. So far, so good!

So the drain’s in, the air’s coming out, the X-ray shows my lung is inflating properly again and I can feel my breathing is getting back to normal. Happy days people!

It’s a tad uncomfortable having a pipe sticking out of your back, but in the grand scheme of things, I can breathe properly again and the anaesthetist is happy for me to go into surgery tomorrow as planned – perfect. I’m scheduled for 8am so hopefully should be done by close of play, which is good too.

The drain thing wasn’t as bad as I’d expected either… I had a lovely nurse called Margo letting me squeeze her hand throughout, while we chatted about The Good Life, planting vegetables, the Lake District and Yorkshire weather – she was a very comforting and a welcome distraction!

My lung plumber was a hottie too, although I’m not sure my girly prep did any good? He was more interested in my back and my boob then anything else… such a bloke! I’m not complaining though – I can breathe again and the little bag now attached to my bedside appears to be working ok (much to the amusement of my roommates, watching dad take videos for me!

My Neurosurgeon swung by around 3.30 to go over the plans for tomorrow; basically gin is ok but I’m to lay-off the fags between now and the op…  no eating after dinner tonight and I need to be back from the party by midnight.

Mum and dad will be here to see me off into theatre around 8am, then it’’s back to waiting I’m afraid. But as soon as there’s news post-op, we’ll get the blog updated and keep y’all posted.

In the meantime, I’m getting my glad rags on… these blue gowns aren’t exactly conducive with my ‘OPI on Colins’ pedi choice, and there’s gin to be drunk apparently!

Laters lovelies…


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