15. I love it when a plan comes together


So finally, we have (at least the start of) a plan!

Surgery is set for next Tuesday, 28th August – time tbc (depending on the duration the previous op etc) but as long as I’m ready to rock by around 11am, they’ll whip me in as soon as they’re ready.

They’re expecting it to take around 3-4 hours (so nothing like the 7-9 I had in mind). But like the op before mine, it’ll all depend on how things go during the procedure – So it’s a bit like Wimbledon then really? If play gets interesting, it could run long. And if it rains they may have to close the roof for a bit. But if we stick to the schedule, I should be done by the end of the day.

Will I be woken up during the procedure? No. So no need for singing etc? No. Shame – I’d been brushing up on Zombie – “it’s in your heeeeead” AC-DC, even spot of Kylie, just in case “la la la, la la la-la, la…

Their primary objective? Just get as much of the damn thing out as they can – hopefully all of it (which is an improvement on my previous understanding, where I was told it’s unlikely they’ll get it all, as it’s so close to my motor system) but apparently, it could still be possible. If they do have to leave any behind, that then becomes step two – most likely through radiation. But we’ll think about that later.

Their secondary objective? To complete the first objective whilst causing as little further damage to Boxy as possible. This may sound obvious, but like Wimbledon; the aim is to win, ideally without tearing a hamstring, right?!

Basically, while it’s in there, the lesion is growing and wreaking havoc. So we need to get it out and stop it doing any more damage. After that, we reassess and fix whatever damage it’s already done.

So this is as far as the plan goes at this point.

When I wake up, I could be useless at first (no change there then – I’m never at my best when I first wake up!) So don’t expect much from me at first, peeps. I have given dad access to the blog, and (although I may live to regret this) given permission to post a picture of me afterwards without me vetting it first… Sarah, Alex, Kari… you may need to step in at this point… Please step in at this point…!

And as soon as I’m able, I’ll pick up the reins again; filters, hashtags and all 😉

And in the meantime… am I really going to Spa this weekend?

No 🙂 It was a fab idea and I wouldn’t be me if it didn’t at least get due consideration!

But in reality; I’d need wheelchair access to get around and Spa is probably the worst circuit for that. Getting to/from the track is a transport nightmare under normal circumstances, and that’s actually one of the things I love most about it – the walk down/up the hill through Stavelot; before the race, as you approach La Source and hear the cars fire-up down the valley (even at 41 years old, I still say “I can hear racing cars daddy!”) and after the race (with beers in hand, grabbing a fresh one at each bar on the street as you walk back up).

It’s only two hours’ drive away, so yes I could probably get there, but would it actually be worth it? No. It’s a fun idea and very much me being me to even consider it! 🤣 But I’m going to focus on making that my comeback race 12 months from now.

So what am I going to do between now and Tuesday?

I’m going home!!!!!!!!! My apartment, my bed, my big windows, the boats, the bikes, the Brouwersgracht – and this makes me sooooooo happy 🙂

They’ve taken the cannula out of my arm this afternoon, and tomorrow morning, we’re getting a wheelchair and a pack-up of meds to last me over the weekend… Tomorrow afternoon mum and dad will come and collect me and take me home with them… Saturday morning I’ve booked a pedicure, then it’s round to Haarlemmerplein to my local cafe, for a spot of people watching and a coconut cortado… Saturday night it’s over the canal for tapas… and Sunday is mum’s Sunday roast in front of the F1 on TV… 🙂

Then on Monday we head back to the VU ready for surgery on Tuesday.

The simple things are sometimes just the best, right?



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