13. Moving to the VU

39585456_10155870494587737_1536134953660579840_oT-30 minutes and we’re finally off to the VU…

Plan on arrival:

  • Beg for best suite in the place (private room w/ big window, en suite and open visiting please)
  • Ensure Trolley Dolly knows how I take my tea/coffee (and comes regularly)
  • Plug in multiple devices (before mum nicks all the sockets)
  • Connect to WiFi (for blog update and movies later)

Then meet Neurosurgical team and request that they:

  • Disregard my obvious insanity
  • Recognize my sense of humour and allow for flippant comments such as “please don’t slip with the old scalpel”
  • Feel free to acknowledge / remind me of the bits of me that do still work ok
  • Adjust any clinical calculations to allow for additional kgs accumulated over the past four days in hospital (and Bukowski)
  • Confirm treatment plan
  • Crack on ASAP
  • Wake me up when they’re done (preferably in one piece with everything working ok)
  • Bring me a drink at the earliest opportunity

8 hours later…

Arrival plan mostly nailed – no suite, sadly, but I have (more) food, nice nurses, power, wifi, and a window 🙂

Further detail was less forthcoming I’m afraid – sadly (or gladly, depending how you look at it?!), the neurosurgical team were busy in theatre fixing someone else when I arrived, so I’ve still not seen them yet. Likely to be tomorrow morning now… More waiting is sure frustrating! But the important thing is for the right people to see me, make the right decision and do the right thing. So I’m just ploughing my way through hospital food, crap coffee, and Netflix…

Thank you so much for all your messages etc… and as soon as there’s more to share, I’ll share it!


8 thoughts on “13. Moving to the VU

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  1. Hi Bok,

    Another question you could ask, is what music do they have playing in theatre? It may be none at all, but I work with various surgeons and the first thing that comes out of their bag before we start is their Bluetooth speaker…

    Some that stand out are:

    Ortho hip and knee = Kylie (but only on a Friday)
    Breast = Antyhing at all on Apple Music, favourite though is 80’s
    Urology = Smooth fm
    Colorectal = AC⚡️DC, Heavy rock 🤘🏼
    And the go to for most is Wessex fm 😶, I do try to switch to Radio 6, but I often fail.

    Some say music helps them relax and concentrate, other just like the general theatre noise and chat / gossip. I think this question would help to illustrate your “obvious insanity” whilst highlighting your sense of humour and fun.

    Hope you get all the answers you want today,

    With love, Lisa.

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  2. A window is a bonus. !!!on the bright side. You are not in Hull, where they put gravy on your fish pie. Still deeply traumatised by the whole experience. Keep smiling.x

    Liked by 1 person

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