19. The one for the geeks (look away now if you’re squeamish)


So I said at the outset that I’d share the good, the bad, and the ugly. I also said I’m a geek who likes the detail. But I’m not sure the team here really expected the level of geekiness they got with me!

On entering the pre-op Anaesthetic room, I ask if there’d be music, and whether I can have the playlist…? Nope, no music. Slightly gutted, but if it means they’re more focussed on my brain, I’ll let them have that one.

Next question: will you record the procedure for quality and training purposes? No, we don’t film it… But Nursey whispers to me (I’ll try and get you some photos if you like?) Hell yeah! I love the geeky stuff!

Clearly I’m out cold during the procedure, but a friend made me giggle tonight by saying just imagine the dialogue…

Surgeon: Nurse, pass me that scalpel…
Nurse: Hang on, I just need to get a good shot…!

When I come round after the op, the surgeon asks how I feel… apparently I reply – I’m still alive! Wahey!

Priority one sorted – right, did Nursey get a decent shot? Oh yeah, she says, – I got two! I give her my email address (as you do, lying dozey on a hospital bed under general anaesthetic – good job my email address isn’t long or complicated, right…?!)

And at that point I’m about done for the day… a quick pose for Mum to update Social Media – the million dollar thumbs up – and I’m out again.

By the time I wake up three hours later, I’ve got an email entitled: “A geeky picture for a fantastic patient 🙂 and I can’t wait to see it…

For those with a dodgy tummy, look away now!


Seriously! This is inside my brain! How fucking cool is that?!

First up, they removed part of my skull to discover that there is actually something inside – relief! Then they hold back the flaps with nuts and bolts, before superimposing my MRI scan over the top to ensure they line everything up and work on the right bit! How cool is that?! It’s like flipping virtual reality in there!


Once it’s done, they close me back up, make me watertight and hold me together with three titanium plates and screws. And yes, I checked – my Privium Pass still works at Schiphol –  I can still get FastTrack through security – winner!

24 hours later, the night nurse tells me we can remove the bandage… you guessed it “can you take a picture for me please?” She laughs and does the honours…


A few good staples and a pretty decent Frankenstein impression… but nothing a good combover won’t hide, right? There’s likely to be more chemo to come, so god knows what it’ll end up like after that! But for now it’s just a bit of a headache and an awesome talking point!

Gotta love the geekiness right?!


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  1. Thanks for sharing, one thing I’ve never done is neurosurgery,recognise the retractors though! Love that you asked about a playlist, I’m about to go in to do a MaxFax list, Wessex fm for me then…

    You are an absolute inspiration, big hugs from all of us. XxX

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